Sunday School and Adult Bible Study

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Sunday School & Bible Study

Sunday School and Bible Study classes for all ages are available Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM and are listed below. Expand your knowledge of Holy Scripture and deepen your fellowship and friendships within the community of believers at Walnut Hills.

Preschool & Elementary

Meet: upstairs in the Children’s Building

Nursery & Preschool

Leaders: Marie Parks, Joanne Jenner, Trish Rice


Leaders: Pat Kinning, Ken Sharp


Meet: in the Youth Center
Leaders: Dale Johnson, Lisa Zelinsky

Adult Classes


Couples/singles; 60s-80s
Curriculum: Formations
Meet: Hospitality Center (right)
Leaders: Carl Bass, Larry Reid

Discovering the Bible

Couple/singles; wide age range
Curriculum: Formations & Book Studies
Meet: downstairs, room B4
Leaders: Amy Colley, Charlie Spratt


20s – 40s; Parents of pre-school and elementary aged children
Curriculum: FaithWeaver
Meet: Learning Center
Leader: Graham Cheek


Couples, singles; 60s-70s
Curriculum: Formations
Meet: Hospitality Center (left)
Leader: Mitch Thomas

New Day

Couples, singles; 50s-80s
Curriculum: Formations
Meet: downstairs, room B3
Leaders: Page Garrett, David & Bobbi Gehr, Susan Langston, Wayne Sauer, Gerry Schrader, Noel Veden, Judy Tyson

Mulligan’s Wanderers Class

Couples, singles; 50s-70s
Curriculum: Formations & Book Studies
Meet: downstairs, room B7
Leader: Pete Parks


Couples, singles; mostly 60s
Curriculum: Explore the Bible
Meet: downstairs, room B1
Leader: Dorothy Cassell