Sunday School and Adult Bible Study

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Sunday School & Bible Study

Sunday School and Bible Study classes for all ages are available Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM and are listed below. Expand your knowledge of Holy Scripture and deepen your fellowship and friendships within the community of believers at Walnut Hills.  Adult Bible Study classes are meeting both in-person and virtual.  Please contact your teacher or group leader for login and connection information. Youth and Children’s Sunday School classes are also meeting in-person.  Most Discipleship Classes are on summer break.  




Preschool & Elementary

Meet: upstairs in the Children’s Building

Nursery & Preschool

Leaders: Marie Parks, Joanne Jenner, Trish Rice


Leaders: Pat Kinning, Ken Sharp


Meet: in the Youth Center
Leaders: Dale Johnson, Lisa Zelinsky

Adult Classes


Couples/singles; 60s-80s
Curriculum: Formations
Meet: Hospitality Center (right)
Leaders: Carl Bass, Larry Reid

Discovering the Bible

Couple/singles; wide age range
Curriculum: Formations & Book Studies
Meet: downstairs, room B4
Leaders: Amy Colley, Charlie Spratt


20s – 40s; Parents of pre-school and elementary aged children
Curriculum: FaithWeaver
Meet: Learning Center
Leader: Graham Cheek


Couples, singles; 60s-70s
Curriculum: Formations
Meet: Hospitality Center (left)
Leader: Mitch Thomas

New Day

Couples, singles; 50s-80s
Curriculum: Formations
Meet: downstairs, room B3
Leaders: Page Garrett, David & Bobbi Gehr, Susan Langston, Wayne Sauer, Gerry Schrader, Noel Veden, Judy Tyson

Mulligan’s Wanderers Class

Couples, singles; 50s-70s
Curriculum: Formations & Book Studies
Meet: downstairs, room B7
Leader: Pete Parks


Couples, singles; mostly 60s
Curriculum: Explore the Bible
Meet: choir room 
Leader: Dorothy Cassell