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Give a one-time gift, or schedule recurring giving using your checking account, debit or credit card.

Walnut Hills has new online giving pages. Our online gifts are still managed through the same system but with a new look and feel. The main change combines the ability to make one-time and recurring gifts on a single page. We also updated the email messages  you will receive from the church that document changes made via online giving.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which fund should I pick?

Online gifts can be designated towards the Budget or towards one or more Special Giving funds. For gifts to the budget, 6% will be sent to the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) and the 1% for the Peninsula Baptist Association for cooperative mission work in Virginia and beyond. The church adjusts these percentages as part of our annual budget preparation with input from the church through votes at business meetings. Cooperative giving is a hallmark of a Baptist church.

Walnut Hills provides four different giving plans so that church members can designate how the missions component of the gift is used at the state level. These plans are known as World Missions (WM) 1, 2, 3 and 4. Church members designate their desired plan via the annual budget pledge cards, a notation on an offering envelope or notifying our Financial Secretary. Gifts received in the  offering plates are allocated to the proper fund by our Financial Secretary.

To ensure that your online gift is credited properly, with regard to the three BGAV giving plans, please select the proper Budget fund from the options below when you make an online gift. For greater detail on these plans, visit

  • Budget (WM1) – 66% of Cooperative Missions dollars will support Kingdom Advance Virginia Missions and Ministries. This includes 2% for Partnership Missions. 34% of Cooperative Mission dollars will support world mission causes according to the SBC budget.
  • Budget (WM2) – 72% of Cooperative Missions dollars will support Kingdom Advance Virginia Missions and Ministries. This includes 2% for Partnership Missions. 28% of Cooperative Mission dollars will be distributed as voted by the BGAV at their annual meeting. Items her include a combination of Virginia, SBC and CBF ministries.
  • Budget (WM3) – 72% of Cooperative Missions dollars will support Kingdom Advance Virginia Missions and Ministries. This includes 2% for Partnership Missions. 28% of Cooperative Mission dollars will support world mission causes according to the CBF budget. (While BGAV no longer supports this option, we are duplicating it internally.)
  • Budget 4 (WM4) – 100% of Cooperative Missions dollars will support Virginia Missions and Ministries. All of the funds forwarded to BGAV under this plan will be used for BGAV missions and ministries.
  • Designated gifts can be provided by selecting the proper fund from the list available via the Special Giving Funds drop down on the Online Giving page. This allows gifts as a Memorial, Missions Emphasis (Lottie Moon, Alma Hunt), etc.
Can I setup an automatic recurring gift?

Yes, recurring online gifts to the church can help you make giving a priority in your budget. When establishing a recurring gift, you can specify the donation amount and frequency of your gift. Recurring gifts can be managed via your TouchPoint account.

Getting Started

If you wish to make an online gift:

  1. Go to WHBC website.
  2. Click on Give button or visit
  3. Click the Give Online button.
    If you already have a church website account, click the Login Here button to sign in. If you do not have an account, fill in the requested info and click Submit. Note: You can create an account as part of the process of making your gift. We recommend that you create an account, if possible.
  4. Enter your gift by specifying amounts for each of the funds listed.
    Gifts towards the church budget can be entered directly. You can designate additional funds by selecting from the Special Giving Funds Gifts can be split across multiple accounts.
  5. Verify/update your contact information. This will update your records at the church and is also necessary to help validate the financial transaction.
  6. Provide your debit/credit card information or provide bank account routing information to have the amount automatically deducted from your checking account.
  7. Click Submit.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Your personal and financial information is protected with up-to-date security protections
    Helpful information is available under the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the Giving page.
  • Once your gift has been processed, you will receive email confirmation of gift to the email address associated with your church account
    If you choose to give through Recurring Gifts, you can make modifications at any time by logging into your TouchPoint account.
  • Adjustments can be made via the Giving tab for your account. This screen also allows access to your historical giving records.
  • Gifts from a mobile device also are possible; for instructions on this option see the Mobile App instructions on our Giving screen.

For further information about the online giving process, contact Dave Bolt, WHBC IT Manager at, or Dale Schoenberger, Financial Secretary at

What are the benefits of online giving for the church?

Online giving saves the church time and energy in receiving, recording and depositing your gift. Recurring gifts also help “level out” dips in giving that may occur due to vacations, bad weather and other obligations that may prevent you from giving.

Online giving vs. giving during Sunday worship.
Online giving will not replace the traditional offering in our worship service. Instead, it is simply an alternate way of giving.  For many, giving is an act of worship that has always occurred in the midst of a worship service.  Some members, due to their ministry role (choir, nursery, etc.) already give outside of the worship service, while others may give via their bank’s online bill pay feature.  Online giving offers a new way of expressing your desire to share your resources for God’s kingdom.


The Endowment Fund of Walnut Hills Baptist Church was established as a way to provide a permanent, perpetual source of funds to strengthen the mission and ministry of God’s work through our church fellowship. Contributions to the Endowment Fund are intended to remain in the fund in perpetuity, while the earnings provide income distributions to the ministries of our church and capital improvements to our campus. As we do not know all the specific needs of future generations, we encourage gifts that are unrestricted as this allows future congregations to determine the ministry needs.

More Information

For more information or make a contribution, please contact our senior pastor or the church office manager.