Updated videos from September 12th and 19th now available [click for more info]

Our church’s streaming service, Vimeo, has experienced issues for the past two (September 12th & 19th) Sundays.  The effect of these issues has prevented the streaming of those services on Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, and our Phone Live Streaming.  We believe we have resolved the issues and hope that the streaming will successfully operate each Sunday.

As a backup for problems such as these, we record every Sunday worship service and store that recording at the church.  We have substituted these backup recordings for the incomplete recordings on Sunday, September 12th and Sunday, September 19th that were affected by the Vimeo problems.  Visit the church’s website Sermons page and simply click on the video to watch the complete video.

Our thanks to Dave Bolt, Mark Barham, Lulu Thompson and Claudia Nimmo for working tirelessly during the outage and afterward to make the substitute videos available and to prevent future problems.