Meet our new logo

Introducing our new logo

One of the key tasks in creating the new website was to refresh the church logo design.  We wanted our logo to be a visual representation of the mission of our church –
a meaningful symbol to be the embodiment of our beliefs, our community and our outreach.

Our sanctuary was constructed in 1987, and for the past 33 years a key design element was part of the upper front facade, easily visible from Jamestown Road.  The feature was a small cross with a circle superimposed on top, a variant of a Celtic cross. We began thinking about how we could use this as a starting point to make some statements about who we are as a church. Our desire was to instill a connection between our church and our members, and also capture the attention of those seeking a church.  

This is what our logo says is important to us as a church: our beliefs, our community and our outreach.

Vertical axis – Our vertical relationship with God through prayer, worship, scripture. The three lines are intentional and represent our belief in the Trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Horizontal axis – Our relationships to one another on the human dimension – fellowship, service, family.  

Circle – Represents the Walnut Hills family, our community of faith. Note: The vertical and horizontal axes extend beyond the circle boundaries, so our circle is not closed.  People outside of our circle are family members whom we have not met.

Plus sign (cross within the circle) – As our members grow in their faith journey, the reach of our fellowship will grow.  Walnut Hills will be a place where people can connect and live out their faith.

Arrows (subtle arrows at the end of each axis) – call us to live out our faith: locally, regionally and globally.


Come, grow with us!








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