February 26th- First Sunday of Lent, “The Journey Begins Again”, Romans 10: 8-13

March 5th- Second Sunday of Lent, “Genuine Imitators”, Philippians 3:17 – 4:1

March 12th- 3rd Sunday of Lent), “A Heart for Jesus”, Luke 4: 14-21

March 19th -4th Sunday of Lent, “Where the Heart Lies”, John 12: 1-8

March 26th- 5th Sunday of Lent, “The Reflection of Christ”, John 13: 31-35

March 29th- The Learning Center’s Easter Pageant, sanctuary

April 2nd- Adult Choir Easter Music, He Shall Arise

April 5th-  No Wednesday Evening Supper (No Adult Choir rehearsal)

April 6th-  Maundy Thursday Service (includes light meal), 5:30-6:30 PM

April 7th  Good Friday

April 9th-  Easter “No April Fools Here”, John 20: 1-18

April 9th- Children’s Egg Hunt


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