Audio/Visual Team

AV Team Training

The videos below provide a great overviews and information about our new digital mixers.  All of the videos are hosted on YouTube and they are from a variety of sources.  We will add more as we find them or if we have some questions and there is a video that demonstrates the answer.

Presonus 32S User Manual – I can print a copy of this for you (157 pages).

Training Videos

Each of the videos below has a little toggle button. We have placed some notes that describe the video and why we are sharing it as a resource.

How to Livestream Worship Audio—Full Webcast

This is a great video that explains why we are using two separate digital mixers. In this case they are using a rackmount mixer with a PC/MAC as the control surface, the principle is the same, we are using a physical mixer. Also look at how you can do a multi-track record of a service and then use that recording to edit settings for future mixes.

PreSonus Studio Live Series iii Overview

Good overview video of the mixer

PreSonus StudioLive Fat Channel Processing || Does this make my audio look fat?

The Fat Channel is the heart of how you adjust a mix. This replaces the knobs on a vertical channel strip in an analog mixer.

PreSonus StudioLive Series iii Flex Mixes || Aux Sends, Subgroups and Matrix

Video that shows how we can use Aux and Group mixes to control our outputs.

PreSonus StudioLive Series iii Universal Control || Console Remote Control App

This video shows the Universal Control app running on a PC. There is also an iPad version. Anything you can do on the board you can do via the tool as well. Including via Wifi so you can move around the room as you make adjustments. We will buy an iPad for the church to give us control options.

Mixing Queen - "Killer Queen" on Presonus StudioLive 32SX

This video shows the Virtual Soundcheck capability of the board. We can load up a multi-track recording from a previous session and then make adjustments to our mix. This allows us to make fixes for the next week. The board records to an SD memory card. This shows how you can tweak each element on a mix from a well-known song from Queen

PreSonus StudioLive 32SC | Initial Review from a Worship Leader and Sound Guy

Review from the guys at ChurchFront of the 32SC mixer which is a variant of the board that we are running.

StudioLive Series III - Navigating Your Mix

This video is from Presonus. Ray Tantzen in this video is the chief designer of the board ecosystem we are using.

How to Livestream Worship Audio—Full Webcast

A longer video from Presonus on how to use the board to support a live stream.

Believe in Music - StudioLive Series III Ecosystem: From Studio to Stage and Back

Overview of the ecosystem that allows us to connect multiple boards and devices together.