Pardon our dust!

You might have noticed that our website looks a little different.  A dedicated team of church leaders has been working for almost two years to modernize our website. This effort was funded by a generous gift from a church member.  Our team was slowed as a result of the pandemic but we met faithfully online on a weekly basis.  Along the way, the team accomplished the following tasks:

  • Established a vision for our new website
  • Researched potential vendors
  • Hired Faithlab to assist our team with website design and hosting
  • Reviewed church websites for design inspiration
  • Developed a new logo for Walnut Hills for web, print, social and mobile use
  • Development of website content for updated pages
  • Gathering of images from church events
  • Coordinated updated photos of staff members
  • Review, rewrite, and rewrite again
  • Review of draft web site design
  • Approval of design
  • Migration of existing website content
  • Launch!

Our dedicated team of volunteers are:

  • John Thompson
  • Graham Cheek
  • Marsha McAlister – website editing team
  • Claudia Nimmo
  • Cathy Waltrip – photography and website editing team
  • Dave Bolt – website editing team lead
  • Donnie Goodrich – photography


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