Carolyn Tyree Feagans, our featured writer for this month, has a keen interest in history and researches relentlessly the past for her authentic settings, weaving her stories through actual local, national and international historic events.

The Dogwoods are Blooming is set in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains in the early 1900’s. The Barrett family is followed through three generations, experiencing snowstorms, floods and an intriguing mystery as Central Virginia’s mysterious Monacans are woven into the saga.

Sharpe Top, a touching story, beginning in 1929, focuses on the Great Depression and the WWII era. The setting is Bedford, Virginia and its famed mountains, the Peaks of Otter. The story depicts how events of that time affect this small town and its mountain people forever.

Spring’s Return, the sequel to The Dogwoods are Blooming bounces back and forth from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Black Hills of South Dakota, drawing a vivid contrast. The title implies a dual meaning: the coveted season, symbol of hope and also Spring, the main character. The book deals more in depth with the Monacans and the Sioux.

Carolyn Feagans’ faith, combined with her love of nature and history, enables her to fulfill the gift God has given her – writing stories of hope.

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